Case Study

Lexden Road, Colchester


  • Location: Lexden Road, Colchester
  • Budget: £1.1m
  • Client: Essex Highways


Anyone that regularly travelled into Colchester town centre will be familiar with the congestion via Lexden Road. Essex Highways brought in astaunton to remedy issues with a programme of road works. New street furniture and facilities also improved the experience for pedestrians and residents.

Services Provided

  • Road Widening and Layout Changes
  • Removal of Traffic Island
  • Gullies, Manholes and Carrier Drains to Improve Drainage
  • Illuminated and Non-Illuminated Signage
  • Installation of Benches
  • New Cycle Stands
  • Modernised Lighting
  • A New Bus Stop
  • Planting of Trees and Installation of a New Foliage Planter


The primary incentive for the works was to ease congestion in Colchester and this was achieved by creating more space through road widening and the introduction of a dedicated bus lane, separated from normal traffic with a splitter island. A new bus waiting area was also created so that idle buses would no longer block active lanes. Improved signage, lighting and a new anti-skid road surface would also contribute to road safety.

It was decided that the works should not only alleviate the flow of traffic and improve safety for motorists, but that there should also be an array of accompanying improvements to bring about practical and aesthetic benefits for the local community. To this end, several collateral measures were included in the programme of works. This resulted in a diverse, challenging, but ultimately very satisfying project that astaunton was proud to be a part of.

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