Case Study

Chelmsford City Centre - Bell Meadow Improvements


  • Location: Chelmsford, Essex
  • Budget: £360k
  • Client: Chelmsford City Council


We were brought in by Essex Highways & Chelmsford City Council to address various improvement around Bell Meadow’s access, lighting, facilities and thoroughfares.

Services Provided

  • 2x New Pedestrian Crossings
  • 1x Refurbished Pedestrian Crossing with New Belisha Beacons
  • Lighting
  • Stone Cubes at Street Edges
  • Bike Racks
  • Rerouted Cycleways
  • Resurfaced Footpaths
  • Stratacell Tree Pits
  • Picnic Furniture
  • Foliage Areas
  • Tree Planter Units


City centre projects come with their own range of challenges, but in addition to the location, there were also time pressures owing to the need to complete the job in time for summer.

Through a combination of night-works, careful traffic management and the construction of a temporary footway allowing us to deploy three gangs working on all three entrances simultaneously, we were able to complete the project on time and on budget.

The outcome of these works is a radically upgraded public space for Chelmsford’s City Centre. A brand-new pedestrian crossing truly opens up the park for shoppers. Dropped curbs and tactile paving ensure easy access for all. Attractive lighting, seating, pathways, navigation, foliage areas, furniture and more have been added to enhance the space.

An investmentFor the Future